New to Fifty Shades of Gender?

First of all, welcome! Since we now have quite a few podcast episodes, hopefully this will help you find your way around.

If you want to jump straight in and listen to the podcast, visit the podcast page, where you’ll find the player embedded with all the episodes, starting with the latest one.

Alternatively, if you hover over or expand ‘PODCAST’ in the menu bar, you’ll also find:

  • An episode gallery, where you can see all the amazing humans in a neat grid (each picture links to the episode page);
  • A searchable episode list in table format, which is useful if you’d like to listen to episodes about a specific gender identity – or if you like tables 🙂 (each episode number and name link to the episode page);
  • A categories gallery, which you can search by label/subject (again, with links to the episode page)
  • A page with all the transcripts in one place! (coming soon)

As for navigating around the site, the episodes are titled by number, followed by name, and then gender identity labels. You can find most of the episode pages by adding the first name of the person behind the website url (except for a couple with duplicate first names), for example, which will take you to the first episode.

There are a couple of folks I’ve had follow-up conversations with; Kit (episode 1 and episode 12) and Alys Wilfred (Fred) (episode 2 and episode 9).

If you’re interested in family dynamics, there is a post called Is your partner, child, parent or friend transitioning, or questioning their gender? with the players embedded for each episode with parents of trans kids, teens, or adults (we don’t have any partners, significant others, kids or friends of gender-diverse folks just yet).

Most episodes are conversations between Esther and and another colourful human. There are also a handful of different types of conversations:


In these episodes, Katy interviews Esther about her experience doing this podcast. We plan to do this every 25 episodes, and so far we have two: episode 25 and episode 50.

25. Reflections (part 1): discoveries so far

50. Reflections (part 2): discoveries so far

Listener questions

In these episodes, Esther answers questions from listeners. We’ve done one so far, about the terminology that is used in the episodes.

65. Listener Questions (1) – terminology explained

Panel discussions

In these episodes, Esther talks to people about a variety of subjects, like How to be a better gender-diverse ally and Being LGBTQIA+ in Higher Education (HE) (this one was suggested and organised by Kit, our guest on episode 1 and episode 12).

19. How to be a better gender-diverse ally

49. Being LGBTQIA+ in Higher Education (HE)

As well as talking about gender, we also talk about other subjects; most often sexuality, neurodivergence or disability.

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