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Episode 23

A conversation with Robin Rice


Recorded on 11 December 2020. Duration 21 mins approx.

Robin uses she/her pronouns and considers herself a cisgender woman. She is the mother of two sons, one of whom is transgender, and runs a project called Your Holiday Mom, which is all about offering LGBTQ youth a loving mother’s support between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. If you’d like to offer support, you can comment on and if you’re LGBTQ+ and are struggling with family dynamics or loneliness at this time of year especially, it’s a wonderful place to find hope, love and acceptance.

We also talk about the journey you go through as a parent as you support your child through their gender journey, the importance of a parents’ acceptance, how gender colours everything we choose for ourselves, our children and our world, and just being who you are.

“When I was told that he was transgender, to be honest I felt like my daughter died, but my child was standing in front of me.”

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About Robin

Robin Rice is an internationally published author, social change artist and mentor to leaders. Her writing has been translated into three languages and her social change efforts have been featured in major media in 30+ countries. She has trained more than 15,000 students with free courses such as Training Your Inner Warrior and Finding Your Voice.

As a professional Thinking Partner, she offers life changing support to high profile change makers from the political, NGO, entrepreneurial, and arts communities. She is the creator of so that our LGBTQ youth could have a loving mother’s support between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Gaining 35,000 interactions in the first 40 days online, the project is now in the seventh season.

The mother of two sons, one of whom is transgender, Robin is a traveler by nature. She currently maintains a home in Annapolis, Maryland.

You can also find Robin on and through her Be Who You Are Academy at To read her newsletter on Conscious Leadership, connect with her on LinkedIn.

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