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Episode 71

A conversation with Renée Yoxon


45 min. Recorded on 29 November 2021. 

Renée’s pronouns are they/them, and they are non-binary trans. They also identify as maverique and back in the day, genderqueer. Find out what that means to Renée in this episode.

We also talk about being who you are right now, bridging the trans and cis experience, how ‘passing’ is morally neutral, internal vs societal perception of gender, simultaneously upholding and tearing down gender binaries, and how the voice is more nurture than nature.

Terminology: BIPOC = Black, Indigenous & People of Colour

“I feel full of gender…I don’t think of myself as neutral, I don’t think of myself as agender…I have a strong sense of gender, but it’s just not related to the gender binary.”

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About Renée

Renée Yoxon is a queer, nonbinary, and disabled singer, songwriter, and gender-affirming voice teacher.

Renée has over twelve years of vocal coaching experience, has released four full-length albums, and has received multiple awards and recognitions.

They are the founder of the Right to Sing Award, a scholarship program designed to provide free voice lessons to trans and disabled singers, as well as the creator of Trans Vocal Exploration, an online course that provides concise and easy-to-follow trans voice education to trans and nonbinary people all over the world.

You can find Renée on their website and on Tiktok @reneeyoxon, Twitter @reneeyoxon and Instagram @reneeyoxon.

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