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Episode 27

A conversation with Ray


31 min. Recorded on 16 December 2020.

Ray’s pronouns are he/him, and he identifies as a binary transgender man, who also happens to be gay. Find out what that means to Ray in this episode.

We also talk about how feminism includes everyone, why some men need reproductive health care, the difference between male and female banter, approaching the gender journey from a neurodivergent perspective, and the distinction between using labels as part of your identity versus part of your journey or experience.

CW: suicide, addiction

Terminology: FTM = Female To Male; MTF = Male To Female; trans-masc = trans-masculine; trans-fem = trans-feminine; SRS surgery = Sex Reassignment Surgery (more appropriately called Gender Confirming Surgery or Gender Affirming Surgery).

“While I am transgender, I don’t necessarily see that word as my identity. I see it as my journey…I’m just a gay man, and my gender is the same as a cis man’s; we just have a different experience.”

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About Ray

You can find Ray on Tumblr, where he showcases things he’s interested in and fanfiction he’s written:

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