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Episode 33

A conversation with Rachel Lange


35 min. Recorded on 9 February 2021.

Rachel loves to hear they/them pronouns, but is not offended by she or he if they are well-intended. They are a non-binary queer autistic person. Find out what that means to Rachel in this episode.

We also talk about questioning everything and looking at things differently, being gender non-conforming in different cultures, freeing yourself from gender roles, being a non-binary parent, and giving yourself permission to do things the way you want.

“If someone says ‘how do you identify?’ I feel free to describe my identity. Whereas if somebody says…’Rachel identifies as non-binary’, sometimes that can be used to dismiss that as a coat I put on, or a fashion I’m trying on…that it’s not an integral part.”

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About Rachel

Rachel Lange is a parent, freelance writer/editor, and artist, as well as editor of QueerPGH, a community-led publication out of Pittsburgh. They hold degrees in fine arts and linguistics.

You can find Rachel via and, and their art on Instagram, @rachelmagdalenlange.

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