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Episode 45

A conversation with Jay Genesis


48 min. Recorded on 13 May 2021.

Jay’s pronouns are any except he and she, with the neopronouns ve/ver/vis as a favourite. Ve uses the gender labels transandrogynous, genderqueer, nonbinary, abinary and maverique. Other labels include bi/pan oriented aroace and multiply disabled. Find out what that means to Jay in this episode.

We also talk about what the label ‘queer’ can encompass, different types of attraction and how they can be experienced, love languages, anarchy and feminism, sovereignty versus autonomy, the issues with gender terminology in different languages, and feeling safe when you’re part of the minority of the minority.

Terminology: allo = allosexual (meaning to experience sexual attraction); cis = cisgender; het = heterosexual; perisex (also Endosex or Dyadic, meaning not intersex); AMAB = Assigned Male At Birth; AFAB = Assigned Female At Birth; aroace = aromantic and asexual.

“I feel more safe as a disabled person in queer spaces than as a queer person in disabled spaces…the more minority intersections you have, the less space there is for you in the world…sometimes it feels like I don’t truly belong anywhere.”

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About Jay

“I’m a queer, disabled and mentally ill German living in the UK. I love languages, podcasts, art, anarchist feminism and my cat.”

You can find Jay on Instagram @jaypostetzeugs, on Twitter @jaytweetetzeugs and on Tiktok @jay.genesis.tok. Vir podcast is “jay sagt zeugs” (meaning “Jay says stuff”).

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