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Episode 35

A conversation with Jareth Nebula


43 min. Recorded on 22 February 2021.

Jareth’s pronouns are he/him. He is transgender and also likes to use the labels agenderflux, demiboy and alien. Find out what that means to Jareth in this episode.

We also talk about the nuances of gender labels, the difference between gender identity and gender expression, modelling before and after coming out as transgender, what we’ve made masculine and feminine mean, and turning yourself into a walking piece of art.

CW: extreme body modification, surgery

“That’s why I have multiple labels; because it’s more specific. So people understand a little bit more of the dynamic that is my gender. Because my gender is very complex.”

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About Jareth

Jareth Nebula is a multifaceted transgender creature who dabbles in multiple types of artistic expression and crafting. He specializes in making spiked collars, custom dolls and fashion for his artist brand Nebulous Novelties. Jareth is also a professional model and has been published in multiple international magazines. Jareth is continuously learning and expanding his crafts and wants to fill the world with beautiful art!

You can find Jareth on Facebook @JarethNebulaBoy, Instagram @jareth_nebula and TikTok @jarethnebula, and Nebulous Novelties on, on Facebook @NebulousNovelties and Instagram @nebulousnovelties.

What we discussed & useful links

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