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Episode 86

A conversation with Izzy Kershaw


40 min. Recorded on 26 July 2022. 

Izzy’s pronouns are she/her, and she is a transgender woman. She’s also bisexual and has ADHD. Find out what that means to Izzy in this episode.

We also talk about how big a part of identity gender is and how that can change, the importance of making the distinction between sex and gender in healthcare, being trans in the music industry, an enlightening acid trip, how music can take people on a journey, the innateness of gender from the perspective of brain science, and the desire to belong.

“[Being a musician] is one of the many parts of my identity, just as being trans is one of many parts of my identity. A sum of lots of different things.”

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About Izzy

Izzy Kershaw is a UK based singer/song-writer and music producer, who writes pop songs about mental health, love, loss and loneliness. Her experience as a trans-woman has had an effect on how she chooses to express those ideas. In Izzy’s first debut EP ‘Vessel’, the namesake song on that album is about learning to appreciate the one life and one vessel you have been given. A sentiment that may resonate with those who experience gender dysphoria. Izzy Kershaw is releasing a track with her father Nik Kershaw, who happened to write a few chart toppers in the 80s, on August the 10th called Paranoid, a song in which Izzy explores the subject of a dark time in her life during the early years of her transition.

You can find Izzy on Spotify and Apple Music, and on Twitter @izzykershawuk, Facebook @IzzyKershawUK and Instagram @izzykershawuk.

What we discussed & useful links

Izzy’s new single ‘Paranoid’ with her father, Nik Kershaw, is out now:

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