Terms & Abbreviations

Please bear with us as we populate and expand the glossary. In the mean time, you can find out the meanings of many of these terms – and more – on lgbtiq.xyz and on the LGBTA Wiki and Gender Wiki.


Assigned Female At Birth


Someone is allosexual if they experience sexual attraction. It is the opposite of asexual.
Also called Zedsexual.


Assigned Male At Birth




Being neither masculine (andro) nor feminine (gyne) in appearance and expression, or having a combination of both male and female traits.




Binary code consists of two options: 0 and 1. So it’s a clear either/or situation; either this, or that. The gender binary refers to either man, or woman. If someone identifies as anything other than these two binaries, they may use the term ‘non-binary’.


Someone is cisgender when their birth sex matches their gender identity; either man or woman. These are the two binary options. Cisgender is not a slur; it is simply a term, like transgender.

Cishet (or cis/het, cis-het)

Cisgender (either man or woman) and heterosexual (attracted to the ‘opposite’ sex).


Disorders of Sex Development. This is a controversial term used for Intersex people, and some prefer to say “Difference in Sex Development” or “Diverse Sex Development” instead.


Estrogen or oestrogen. If someone refers to ‘taking E’ or ‘being on E’ that’s what they mean – when it’s about gender at least 😉

enby, enbie, eNBy

Abbreviations for non-binary. These may be perceived as infantilising by some.

FTM or F2M

Female To Male. Someone who is transitioning (or has transitioned) from female to male.


Gender Identity Clinic


Gender Non-Conforming


Gender Recognition Certificate


Hormone Replacement Therapy


Having variations in the development of sex characteristics that do not fit typical male or female norms.

MTF or M2F

Male To Female. Someone who is transitioning (or has transitioned) from male to female.


With the binary being man and woman, non-binary refers to gender identities other than these. This is a spectrum that can include identities between the binaries, a combination of them, a neutral identity, and many others.


This has been used to abbreviate ‘Non-Binary’, however it is also used in the black community to mean ‘Non-Black’*. Even though context would often make it clear what is meant, it is suggested that other ways to abbreviate ‘non-binary’ are used, such as NBi or NBy. Other abbreviations for non-binary include enby, enbie or eNBy, but these may be perceived as infantilising by some.


An alternative abbreviation for non-binary, to distinguish from “NB”, which is used for “Non-Black”.


Testosterone. If someone refers to ‘taking T’ or ‘being on T’ that’s what they mean.


A person may consider themselves – or identify as – transgender when their gender identity doesn’t match their birth sex.

Two Spirit

An umbrella term used by Native North Americans for someone who identifies as ‘third gender’ or another gender variant. Someone who is not a Native North American cannot identify as Two Spirit; this term is only used by Indigenous peoples.

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