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1Kit Rackleygenderfluid, trans-feminine, non-binary, demigirl46 mins
2Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred)trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid37 mins
3Harri Elouise Nellartrans-feminine, non-binary57 mins
4Edalia Daytransgender, non-binary49 mins
5Sarah Corkeintersex, non-binary27 mins
6Sophia Wise Onegender-transcendent47 mins
7Ange de Lumiereparent of a transgender child37 mins
8Mel Dafnisnon-binary, asexual, aromantic23 mins
9Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred) #2trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid32 mins
10Bonnie Bakenekotrans-masculine, non-binary, graysexual46 mins
11Charlie Cainegay trans man34 mins
12Kit Rackley #2non-binary, trans-feminine, demigirl, genderfluid52 mins
13Theo Will (TW) McKennagenderfluid, non-binary, asexual, grayromantic lesbian44 mins
14Allan D. Huntergenderqueer, gender invert39 mins
15Kyl Myersgenderqueer woman, gender-creative parent37 mins
16Katy Jon Wenttransgender, non-binary, asexual1 hr 12 mins
17Sam Bettenstransgender man44 mins
18Sophie Jamestranssexual, transvestite23 mins
19ALLYSHIPHow to be a better gender-diverse ally53 mins
20Ela Xoratransgender woman, anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist53 mins
21Felixnon-binary, transgender, queer17 mins
22Hannah Watsontransgender37 mins
23Robin Riceparent of a transgender adult21 mins
24Alf Ravnagender, transgender, non-binary42 mins
25REFLECTIONS (1)discoveries so far1 hr 6 mins
26Angus Brown (Annie)transgender woman, butch lesbian33 mins
27Raybinary transgender man, FTM, gay31 mins
28Rachel Lawsonno gender labels, thank you very much45 mins
29Joefemme boy, non-binary, trans1 hr
30Cassie BrighterLatina woman of trans experience1 hr 4 mins
31CN Lestertrans37 mins
32Cameronfemale but trans, trans-feminine31 mins
33Rachel Langenon-binary, queer, autistic35 mins
34Cassian Lodgenon-binary, agender1 hr 6 mins
35Jareth Nebulatransgender, agenderflux, demiboy, alien43 mins
36Yas Necatinon-binary32 mins
37Charlie Orrisstransgender FTM24 mins
38Devi Ironynon-binary, dominant49 mins
39Genevievetrans non-binary, genderqueer33 mins
40Bella Cascarinitrans woman52 mins
41Harris Eddie Hilltrans non-binary, agender, trans-masculine49 mins
42Evey Winterstransgender, transsexual woman55 mins
43Sally Goldner AMbi/pan trans introvert HSP woman47 mins
44Tara Daxnon-binary45 mins
45Jay Genesistrans-androgynous, genderqueer, non-binary, abinary, maverique, bi/pan oriented aroace, multiply disabled48 mins
46Charlize Jamiesontransgender woman54 mins
47Helen Belcherwoman with a trans history55 mins
48Cara Wildeparent of a transgender teen46 mins
Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Mel Dafnis

8. MEL DAFNIS – non-binary, asexual, aromantic

Mel identifies as non-binary, asexual and aromantic and uses she/her pronouns. We also talk about fitting in and trying to be ’normal’, living life on your own terms, and how just being you is an evolution as well as a revolution when it comes to soul alignment. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Ange de Lumiere

7. ANGE DE LUMIERE – parent of a transgender child

Ange is the parent of a transgender child. She moved to the UK from Paris in 2001, has four children, and started the Parents of Transgender Adults support group earlier this year. We talk about souls, reincarnation, past lives, choosing your life experience and law of attraction; We talk about gender roles in society, the Silk Ring Theory of support, home schooling, The Hero’s Journey and the ins and outs of running and moderating a support group.

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Sophia Wise One

6. SOPHIA WISE ONE – gender-transcendent

Sophia identifies as gender-transcendent and welcomes all pronouns. We talk about the physical experience, spirituality, vibration and energy, the divine feminine, the female body, menstruation, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), sex, and embodying the genital energy of both sexes. We talk about gender as a role, archetype or presentation, and also conditioning, oppression of the feminine, reclaiming identity, healing, and a vision for the future.

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Sarah Corke

5. SARAH CORKE – intersex, non-binary

Sarah is intersex and identifies as non-binary. We talk about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, hormone replacement therapy, gonadectomy surgery, Queer Britain, being different and getting attention, being queer and bisexual, Differences in Sexual Development (DSD) and Intersex Genital Mutilation. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Edalia Day

4. EDALIA DAY – transgender, non-binary

Edalia is transgender and identifies as non-binary. We talk about acting, clothes, the tv show The Good Place, the gender binary, support groups, visibility and the term ‘passing’, gender options on forms, Hamlet, free speech, representation of trans people in the media and in comedy, and films like Silence of the Lambs and Ace Ventura. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Harri Elouise

3. HARRI ELOUISE NELLAR – trans-feminine, non-binary

Harri Elouise identifies as trans-feminine and non-binary. We talk about the difference between gender identity/expression and sex, gender clinics and the medical transition process, use singular ’they’ and getting pronouns right, coming out to family, friendships, being a shy kid, and fitting in versus belonging. [Transcript available.]