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1Kit Rackleygenderfluid, trans-feminine, non-binary, demigirl46 mins
2Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred)trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid37 mins
3Harri Elouise Nellartrans-feminine, non-binary57 mins
4Edalia Daytransgender, non-binary49 mins
5Sarah Corkeintersex, non-binary27 mins
6Sophia Wise Onegender-transcendent47 mins
7Ange de Lumiereparent of a transgender child37 mins
8Mel Dafnisnon-binary, asexual, aromantic23 mins
9Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred) #2trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid32 mins
10Bonnie Bakenekotrans-masculine, non-binary, graysexual46 mins
11Charlie Cainegay trans man34 mins
12Kit Rackley #2non-binary, trans-feminine, demigirl, genderfluid52 mins
13Theo Will (TW) McKennagenderfluid, non-binary, asexual, grayromantic lesbian44 mins
14Allan D. Huntergenderqueer, gender invert39 mins
15Kyl Myersgenderqueer woman, gender-creative parent37 mins
16Katy Jon Wenttransgender, non-binary, asexual1 hr 12 mins
17Sam Bettenstransgender man44 mins
18Sophie Jamestranssexual, transvestite23 mins
19ALLYSHIPHow to be a better gender-diverse ally53 mins
20Ela Xoratransgender woman, anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist53 mins
21Felixnon-binary, transgender, queer17 mins
22Hannah Watsontransgender37 mins
23Robin Riceparent of a transgender adult21 mins
24Alf Ravnagender, transgender, non-binary42 mins
25REFLECTIONS (1)discoveries so far1 hr 6 mins
26Angus Brown (Annie)transgender woman, butch lesbian33 mins
27Raybinary transgender man, FTM, gay31 mins
28Rachel Lawsonno gender labels, thank you very much45 mins
29Joefemme boy, non-binary, trans1 hr
30Cassie BrighterLatina woman of trans experience1 hr 4 mins
31CN Lestertrans37 mins
32Cameronfemale but trans, trans-feminine31 mins
33Rachel Langenon-binary, queer, autistic35 mins
34Cassian Lodgenon-binary, agender1 hr 6 mins
35Jareth Nebulatransgender, agenderflux, demiboy, alien43 mins
36Yas Necatinon-binary32 mins
37Charlie Orrisstransgender FTM24 mins
38Devi Ironynon-binary, dominant49 mins
39Genevievetrans non-binary, genderqueer33 mins
40Bella Cascarinitrans woman52 mins
41Harris Eddie Hilltrans non-binary, agender, trans-masculine49 mins
42Evey Winterstransgender, transsexual woman55 mins
43Sally Goldner AMbi/pan trans introvert HSP woman47 mins
44Tara Daxnon-binary45 mins
45Jay Genesistrans-androgynous, genderqueer, non-binary, abinary, maverique, bi/pan oriented aroace, multiply disabled48 mins
46Charlize Jamiesontransgender woman54 mins
47Helen Belcherwoman with a trans history55 mins
48Cara Wildeparent of a transgender teen46 mins
Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Rachel Lawson

28. RACHEL LAWSON – no gender labels, thank you very much

Rachel is not fond of using gender labels for herself. In her words, she is a woman and identifies as a motorcyclist, a technologist, and many other things. We also talk about being something versus identifying as something, coming out at work, riding a motorbike, travelling solo, and how safety is a relative thing. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Ray

27. RAY – binary transgender man, FTM, gay

Ray identifies as a binary transgender man, who also happens to be gay. We talk about how feminism includes everyone, why some men need reproductive health care, the difference between male and female banter, approaching the gender journey from a neurodivergent perspective, and the distinction between using labels as part of your identity versus part of your journey or experience. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Angus (Annie) Brown

26. ANGUS BROWN (ANNIE) – transgender woman, butch lesbian

Angus (Annie) identifies as a transgender woman and butch lesbian. We also talk about the balance of masculinity and femininity, the evolution of the word ‘lesbian’, that labels can resonate whatever their original meaning, how gender identity influences self-expression, navigating being a teenager again, sexuality and attraction, and that moving from one side of the line of androgyny to the other side is only a small step. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic for Reflections (part 1) with Katy Jon Went & Esther Lemmens

25. Reflections (part 1) – discoveries so far

We are reversing roles, so Katy is interviewing Esther as she reflects on conversations she’s had with gender-diverse folks, what she’s learned about gender, as well as her own journey and how she evolved through it. We talk about what it means to Esther to be cisgender, what gender diversity (or a lack thereof) was like growing up, how the podcast is a way of expressing her identity, recovering perfectionism, Vulcan philosophy, and that in the end, we are all more alike than different. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Alf Ravn

24. ALF RAVN – agender, transgender, non-binary

Alf is transgender and identifies as agender and non-binary. We also talk about observing gender from a distance, the obstacles on their transition journey, hormone imbalances and the effects they can have, and asking the question ‘what makes a man a man, and a woman a woman?’ [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Robin Rice

23. ROBIN RICE – parent of a transgender adult

Robin is the mother of two sons, one of whom is transgender, and runs a project called Your Holiday Mom, which is all about offering LGBTQ youth a loving mother’s support between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. We also talk about the journey you go through as a parent as you support your child through their gender journey, the importance of a parents’ acceptance, how gender colours everything we choose for ourselves, our children and our world, and just being who you are. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Hannah Watson

22. HANNAH WATSON – transgender

Hannah is transgender, and although not fond of labels, the terms non-binary and asexual semi-resonate with her as well. We also talk about gender identity versus biology versus sexuality, to what degree gender defines you, why the term ‘gender confirmation surgery’ is a better term than ‘gender reassignment surgery’ and ‘sex change’, conforming to society’s norms, and ‘unconventional’ types of love, attraction, intimacy and relationships. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Felix

21. FELIX – non-binary, transgender, queer

Felix is non-binary transgender and describes their sexuality as queer. We also talk about the difficulty with fitting in boxes, having to perform gender, how body and identity are different, the binariness in teaching and sports, and how you can figure out your gender at any age. [Transcript coming soon]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Ela Xora

20. ELA XORA – transgender woman, anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist

Ela identifies as a transgender woman and is an anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist. We also talk about the roots of the word hermaphrodite, how the gender-critical movement is far from new, Hippocrates as a gender critical pioneer, the blatant suppression and erasure of transgender and intersex gods – and human beings – in art history and modern museums, and how history is starting to be unmasked. CW: castration. [Transcript coming soon]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic about Allyship with Katy Jon Went, Tiga-Rose Nercessian, Ophelia and Esther Lemmens

19. How to be a better gender-diverse ally

Esther has a conversation with two cisgender LGBTIQA+ people; Tiga-Rose, an intimacy coach and sex therapist in training, and Ophelia, an historian, archivist and conservator, under the watchful eye (or ear) of project co-creator Katy Jon Went, who is transgender and non-binary, about how to be a better gender-diverse ally. [Transcript coming soon]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Sophie James

18. SOPHIE JAMES – transsexual, transvestite

Sophie uses the words transsexual and transvestite of herself, but considers herself to be a work in progress and very much Sophie. We talk about finding the balance in family dynamics, having two different personas, and being yourself no matter what labels you use. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Sam Bettens

17. SAM BETTENS – transgender man

Sam identifies as a transgender man. We also talk about music and creative expression, self-identifying, the benefits of ageing, family and relationships, hormone therapy, body image, self-acceptance and being proud of who you are, and finding your voice in a whole new way. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Katy Jon Went

16. KATY JON WENT – transgender, non-binary, asexual

Katy is transgender and identifies as non-binary and asexual. We also talk about adolescence and development, religion, conversion therapy, crossdressing, being outed, depression, aesthetics, sex workshops, hormone therapy, being a reluctant transsexual, gender reassignment surgery, going on a journey towards authenticity, and freedom of expression. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Dr. Kyl Myers

15. KYL MYERS – genderqueer woman, gender-creative parent

Kyl identifies as a genderqueer woman and a gender-creative parent. We also talk about being raised with conventional gender roles, trying on different gender labels and pronouns, how names fit or not, what it’s like to bring up a child without gender expectations, and the start of a gender revolution. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Charlie Caine

11. CHARLIE CAINE – gay trans man

Charlie identifies as a gay trans man. We talk about gender identity & expression vs sexual orientation, gender roles, transitioning, dysphoria, gender identity clinic (GIC) waiting lists, trans visibility and activism, and how there is no such thing as a universal trans experience. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Bonnie Bakeneko

10. BONNIE BAKENEKO – trans-masculine, non-binary, graysexual

Bonnie identifies as trans-masculine, non-binary and greysexual. We talk about Dissociative Identity Disorder or DID (previously called Multiple Personality Disorder or MPD), gender dysphoria, body dysmorphia, drag, self-expression, body autonomy, radical tenderness and vulnerability, choosing kindness, being a flawed being rather than good or bad, spoon theory, and how the body could be considered a forest rather than a temple. CW: dental trauma, sexual abuse, exposure therapy, fetish, piercing, scarification, nullification, self-cannibalism. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Alys Wilfred Earl (2)

9. ALYS WILFRED EARL (FRED) #2 – trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid

Alys Wilfred (aka Fred) identifies as trans-masculine, non-binary and genderfluid. In this second conversation, we talk about the minor and major effects of testosterone (or T) injections including voice changes and mental health, body dysmorphia versus gender dysphoria, recovering from top surgery and being topless, options for bottom surgery (phalloplasty versus metoidioplasty or meta for short), and why the term ’sex change’ doesn’t do it justice. [Transcript available.]