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1Kit Rackleygenderfluid, trans-feminine, non-binary, demigirl45:38
2Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred)trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid37:02
3Harri Elouise Nellartrans-feminine, non-binary57:27
4Edalia Daytransgender, non-binary49:03
5Sarah Corkeintersex, non-binary26:54
6Sophia Wise Onegender-transcendent47:09
7Ange de Lumiereparent of a transgender child36:46
8Mel Dafnisnon-binary, asexual, aromantic23:04
9Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred) #2trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid31:46
10Bonnie Bakenekotrans-masculine, non-binary, graysexual45:39
11Charlie Cainegay trans man33:41
12Kit Rackley #2non-binary, trans-feminine, demigirl, genderfluid51:44
13Theo Will (TW) McKennagenderfluid, non-binary, asexual, grayromantic lesbian43:43
14Allan D. Huntergenderqueer, gender invert39:23
15Kyl Myersgenderqueer woman, gender-creative parent37:06
16Katy Jon Wenttransgender, non-binary, asexual1:11:35
17Sam Bettenstransgender man43:32
18Sophie Jamestranssexual, transvestite22:34
19ALLYSHIPHow to be a better gender-diverse ally52:53
20Ela Xoratransgender woman, anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist52:32
21Felixnon-binary, transgender, queer16:34
22Hannah Watsontransgender36:57
23Robin Riceparent of a transgender adult21:01
24Alf Ravnagender, transgender, non-binary41:49
25REFLECTIONS (1)discoveries so far1:05:39
26Angus Brown (Annie)transgender woman, butch lesbian32:56
27Raybinary transgender man, FTM, gay30:40
28Rachel Lawsonno gender labels, thank you very much44:44
29Joefemme boy, non-binary, trans59:44
30Cassie BrighterLatina woman of trans experience1:03:50
31CN Lestertrans37:23
32Cameronfemale but trans, trans-feminine30:57
33Rachel Langenon-binary, queer, autistic35:24
34Cassian Lodgenon-binary, agender1:06:11
35Jareth Nebulatransgender, agenderflux, demiboy, alien42:55
36Yas Necatinon-binary32:00
37Charlie Orrisstransgender FTM24:28
38Devi Ironynon-binary, dominant49:25
39Genevievetrans non-binary, genderqueer32:51
40Bella Cascarinitrans woman51:38
41Harris Eddie Hilltrans non-binary, agender, trans-masculine49:14