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1Kit Rackleygenderfluid, trans-feminine, non-binary, demigirl46 min
2Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred)trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid37 min
3Harri Elouise Nellartrans-feminine, non-binary57 min
4Edalia Daytransgender, non-binary49 min
5Sarah Corkeintersex, non-binary27 min
6Sophia Wise Onegender-transcendent47 min
7Ange de Lumiereparent of a transgender child37 min
8Mel Dafnisnon-binary, asexual, aromantic23 min
9Alys Wilfred Earl (Fred) #2trans-masculine, non-binary, genderfluid32 min
10Bonnie Bakenekotrans-masculine, non-binary, graysexual46 min
11Charlie Cainegay trans man34 min
12Kit Rackley #2non-binary, trans-feminine, demigirl, genderfluid52 min
13Theo Will (TW) McKennagenderfluid, non-binary, asexual, grayromantic lesbian44 min
14Allan D. Huntergenderqueer, gender invert39 min
15Kyl Myersgenderqueer woman, gender-creative parent37 min
16Katy Jon Wenttransgender, non-binary, asexual1 hr 12 min
17Sam Bettenstransgender man44 min
18Sophie Jamestranssexual, transvestite23 min
19ALLYSHIPhow to be a better gender-diverse ally53 min
20Ela Xoratransgender woman, anti Intersex Genital Mutilation activist53 min
21Felixnon-binary, transgender, queer17 min
22Hannah Watsontransgender37 min
23Robin Riceparent of a transgender adult21 min
24Alf Ravnagender, transgender, non-binary42 min
25REFLECTIONS (1)discoveries so far1 hr 6 min
26Angus Brown (Annie)transgender woman, butch lesbian33 min
27Raybinary transgender man, FTM, gay31 min
28Rachel Lawsonno gender labels, thank you very much45 min
29Joefemme boy, non-binary, trans1 hr
30Cassie BrighterLatina woman of trans experience1 hr 4 min
31CN Lestertrans37 min
32Cameronfemale but trans, trans-feminine31 min
33Rachel Langenon-binary, queer, autistic35 min
34Cassian Lodgenon-binary, agender1 hr 6 min
35Jareth Nebulatransgender, agenderflux, demiboy, alien43 min
36Yas Necatinon-binary32 min
37Charlie Orrisstransgender FTM24 min
38Devi Ironynon-binary, dominant49 min
39Genevievetrans non-binary, genderqueer33 min
40Bella Cascarinitrans woman52 min
41Harris Eddie Hilltrans non-binary, agender, trans-masculine49 min
42Evey Winterstransgender, transsexual woman55 min
43Sally Goldner AMbi/pan trans introvert HSP woman47 min
44Tara Daxnon-binary45 min
45Jay Genesistrans-androgynous, genderqueer, non-binary, abinary, maverique, bi/pan oriented aroace, multiply disabled48 min
46Charlize Jamiesontransgender woman54 min
47Helen Belcherwoman with a trans history55 min
48Cara Wildeparent of a transgender teen46 min
49HIGHER EDUCATIONbeing LGBTQIA+ in Higher Education (HE)1 hr 2 min
50REFLECTIONS (2)discoveries so far1 hr 16 min
51J Laurence Sarnotrans man1 hr 4 min
52Dean Rasmussentransgender, trans man, trans-masculine, genderqueer, non-binary, pansexual43 min
53Lorintersex, non-binary, demiboy, bigender55 min
54Lynn Keisertransgender woman55 min
Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Lynn Keiser

54. LYNN KEISER – transgender woman

Lynn identifies as a transgender woman. We also talk about how being trans can offer a unique perspective into human psychology, the evolution of relationships and attraction, facets of identity, leaping into the unknown, and doing as much – or as little – as you need to be happy. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Lor

53. LOR – intersex, non-binary, demiboy, bigender

Lor is non-binary, and intersex – assigned female at birth but genetically male – and she is figuring things out when it comes to gender identities, currently working with the labels demiboy and bigender. We also talk about hormone therapy, the vagueness of consent when it comes to medical procedures and the lack of knowledge about intersex variations in the medical profession, reclaiming body autonomy, the wonder that is foetal development, the difference between sex, gender identity and sexual orientation, and why doing identity work is a good idea. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Dean Rasmussen

52. DEAN RASMUSSEN – transgender, trans man, trans-masculine, genderqueer, non-binary, pansexual

Dean is a trans man, but they also resonate with the labels trans-masculine, genderqueer and non-binary. We also talk about being a non-binary parent, separating the role of nurturer from gender, experiencing dysphoria in pregnancy, gender assumptions and how we are perceived, how testosterone can affect attraction, and the freedom that can come from trying out names and pronouns. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with J Laurence Sarno

51. J LAURENCE SARNO – trans man

Laurence generally describes himself as a trans man, but his joke about labels is that he’s everything in LGBTQIA except the ‘L’ and the ‘A’. We also talk about being perceived as you are, a very speedy transition journey, privilege, what we can learn from unconventional relationship styles, embracing who you are, unpacking judgements, and becoming your most authentic self. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic for Reflections (part 2) with Katy Jon Went & Esther Lemmens

50. Reflections (part 2) – discoveries so far

In this second Reflections episode, Katy interviews Esther as she reflects on further conversations she’s had with gender-diverse folks, what she’s learned about gender, as well as her own journey and how she and the podcast have evolved almost a year since the podcast started. We also talk about expectations, finding the essence of each conversation, the subtleties of language, intuition and setting intentions, awareness and facets of identity, assigned titles, smart business decisions, the discomfort of learning, and discovering ourselves as we go. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast image about Higher Education with Kit Rackley, Barney, Charlie, Jacob & Ro

49. Being LGBTQIA+ in Higher Education (HE)

This episode was created in collaboration with NEACO (Network for East Anglian Collaborative Outreach) and the UEA (University of East Anglia) for the Pride in Higher Aspirations project in Pride Month (June) 2021, aimed at young people who are LGBTQIA+ (out or questioning) and are thinking of going into Higher Education or Further Education. [Transcript available.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Cara Wilde

48. CARA WILDE – parent of a transgender teen

Cara has two children, one of whom is transgender. We also talk about questioning your gender and looking beyond body parts as a cis person, assumptions and misinformation about hormone/puberty blockers, supporting and empowering your child and watching them thrive, what it would be like if we were all free to explore gender, and why we should all question what’s considered normal. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Helen Belcher

47. HELEN BELCHER – woman with a trans history

Helen is a woman with a trans history. We talk about the different faces of conversion therapy, losing your religion, being publicly trans in politics, systemic transphobia and holding the media accountable, how the bathroom argument is really about gender apartheid, voting for what we want rather than against what we don’t want, and how knowing the direction is more important than knowing the destination on the journey towards being more of yourself. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Charlize Jamieson

46. CHARLIZE JAMIESON – transgender woman

Charlize is a transgender woman. We talk about the importance of community and local connections, owning who you are, society’s obsession with looks, that it’s never too late to be brave, how your path is unique rather than right or wrong, and that people don’t need to change their minds to have a change of heart. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Jay Genesis

45. JAY GENESIS – trans-androgynous, genderqueer, non-binary, abinary, maverique, bi/pan oriented aroace, multiply disabled

Jay uses the gender labels transandrogynous, genderqueer, nonbinary, abinary and maverique, as well as bi/pan oriented aroace and multiply disabled. what the label ‘queer’ can encompass, different types of attraction and how they can be experienced, love languages, anarchy and feminism, sovereignty versus autonomy, the issues with gender terminology in different languages, and feeling safe when you’re part of the minority of the minority. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Tara Dax

44. TARA DAX – non-binary

Tara identifies as non-binary. As well as geeking out on Star Trek and conlangs (constructed languages), we dive deeper into masculine and feminine. We also talk about finding resonance in pronouns, meaning in a name and connection in a character, and debunking certain gender arguments people assume are rooted in biology. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Sally Goldner

43. SALLY GOLDNER – bi/pan trans introvert HSP woman

Sally identifies as a bi/pan introvert & Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trans woman. We also talk about how our unique personality labels interact with each other, unlearning and unblocking ourselves, balancing the masculine and feminine in leadership by becoming better at receiving and listening, and breaking the binary by queering Tantra. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Evey Winters

42. EVEY WINTERS – transgender, transsexual woman

Evey uses the labels transgender and transsexual woman, and also educates about both of these labels. We also talk about identity and how it forms, manhood and womanhood vs masculinity and femininity, metagender (which is what’s between cisgender and transgender), learning vs education, how to have conversations about gender, and exploring the uniqueness of womanhood. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Bella Cascarini

40. BELLA CASCARINI – trans woman

Bella is a trans woman – with more emphasis on the woman part than the trans part. We also talk about what effects how we’re perceived, how noticing small moments of genuine happiness can help us embrace our identity, finding a name that feels right, what settling into femininity can look like, how films and tv are problematic in hindsight, hurdles on the coming out journey, working through shame, trusting your gut, and accepting your light and your dark, to your bones. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Genevieve

39. GENEVIEVE – trans non-binary, genderqueer

Genevieve says the easiest terms are non-binary and queer, and they definitely identify as trans as well. We also talk about being born into activism, performing womanhood, reframing feminism, women’s spaces vs LGBTQ spaces, how what’s ‘normal’ is rigid and idealised when it comes to sex and relationships, teaching consent from a young age, and why we should all consider therapy. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Devi Irony

38. DEVI IRONY – non-binary, dominant

Devi is a non-binary person. We also talk about the freedom that can come from embracing a label, how certain body parts are not necessarily gender markers, societal conditioning and standards and playing with gender presentation, how gender fits into BDSM and kink, what ‘sex work’ can include, kink trends in times of a pandemic, and the importance of touch and human contact. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Charlie Orriss

37. CHARLIE ORRISS – transgender FTM

Charlie identifies as a FTM (Female To Male) trans man. We also talk about labels as a protection as well as a hindrance, how gender and mental health go hand in hand, the therapeutic benefits of cosplay, and what Dissociative Identity Disorder can be like. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Yas Necati

36. YAS NECATI – non-binary

Yas identifies as non-binary. We also talk about detaching activities from gender, pre-colonial gender identities, the importance of writing a will and letter of wishes, why it is essential for public health policy to accurately record trans and non-binary gender identities on death certificates (which is currently not possible), and what we CAN do to respect and honour a person’s gender identity after they have passed away. [Transcript coming soon.]

Fifty Shades of Gender podcast graphic with Jareth Nebula

35. JARETH NEBULA – transgender, agenderflux, demiboy, alien

Jareth is transgender and also likes to use the labels agenderflux, demiboy and alien. We talk about the nuances of gender labels, the difference between gender identity and gender expression, modelling before and after coming out as transgender, what we’ve made masculine and feminine mean, and turning yourself into a walking piece of art. [Transcript coming soon.]